Partner information and requests

Partner information and requests

Healthy London Partnership

The Specialised Commissioning Programme are seeking an ADASS representative to sit on their Board to ensure ADASS is fully engaged in their work. This will be very much in line with our other programmes and with similar arrangements, including a monthly Programme Board meeting in Central London. If interested, please contact

London Ventures: Supporting innovation in London local government

London Ventures is a partnership between London Councils and EY working to support innovation across local government in London. Alcove are a key partner of the programme and provide an alternative to the traditional telecare offer. They deploy connected and user friendly smart technologies to help cut costs and improve delivery of care while allowing people to remain independent in their homes for as long as possible.

Alcove has helped authorities to:

  • Remove daily welfare calls – 1 of 18 customers in one extra care scheme chose to continue to receive a call
  • Replace waking night with sleep in – £35k savings per annum in one four person scheme.

To find out more about Alcove or the London Ventures programme please contact: Thomas Man (London Councils) or Chess Dennis (EY).

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