Fire Safety in Specialised Housing

Fire Safety in Specialised Housing

Alan Adams, Hounslow DASS is proud to announce the release of a new summary document. It’s aim is to clarify, build upon and consolidate existing good practice, and introduces for the first time guidance on the various responsibilities for fire safety and a ‘Person Centred’ approach to identifying fire risks to vulnerable residents in these types of premises. It includes case studies, templates, diagrams and worked examples to clarify the issues.

The intended readership and those that must consider the recommendations of the guide includes:

  • Commissioners of care services in specialised housing
  • Those who own, operate or manage specialised housing
  • Those who provide care and/or support to residents in specialised housing
  • Fire Risk Assessors and those who give advice on standards in this type of housing.

This summary sheet is to promote the new guide and provide some background information which will help to navigate the comprehensive document.

Click here to download the summary.

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