Proud to Sing

The London Adass Proud to Care Sing Along

Increasing aware of dementia

We have an exciting opportunity for everyone to participate in a weekly event  to help raise awareness for one of the most life changing issues that can affect either ourselves or loved ones.

Each week the talented children from Hurstmere School get together with numerous social care organisations, and services  to sing a song to raise awareness of dementia.

The song written in conjunction with the children tells a story of a person with dementia  recollecting their adolescence into adulthood and asking the listener to consider what it may be like to loose the memories of those closest to you.

We would like as many people as we can to join, regardless of your age, career or sector. If you happen to work in a care setting, why not get your residents to join in with the fun.

The sessions last approximately 15 minutes from 11am to 11:15 and is held  via Zoom

Click this link to join the Zoom call each week.

Meeting ID: 993 8037 0666

Password: singalong

Click here to see the song performed by Hurstmere School.

The lyrics are available here

Please spread the word and join us , and together we can show we are Proud to care

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