Care Act – legal literacy training

Care Act – legal literacy training

Care Act – legal literacy training

The LGA has now awarded the contract to a London chambers to develop the high level legal literacy training needed to support councils as they implement the Care Act.  The training materials will focus specifically on areas of significant legal complexity and are intended to supplement the Regulations and Guidance published by DH. They will be available to all councils at the beginning of February and rolled out via a series of regional training events that are currently being planned to take place during February and early March.

The legal literacy materials and training will include guidance notes, power point presentation and case studies and will be CPD accredited. The materials will cover the areas of legal complexity and, where relevant, the interface with existing statute and case law precedent, covering the following areas:

  • Well Being and Prevention
  • Eligibility
  • Jurisdictional disputes (including ordinary residence, continuing health care and the interface with other legislation such as the Mental Capacity Act and Children and Families Act)
  • Duties of cooperation and Integration

The training is intended primarily for those people who might be advising on areas of significant complexity and will include:

  • Adult social care lawyers from local authorities
  • Any other senior lawyers who might have a significant strategic interest eg in housing or health.
  • DASSs
  • Relevant ADs


These will be half day events.

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