Peer reviews

Peer reviews

Seeking finance leads to join Use of Resources peer review teams

Owing to the popularity of the Use of Resources peer review methodology we are seeking finance leads to join upcoming peer review teams. Commitment of peer reviewers includes:

  • Attend a pre-meet (approximately 2 hours with fellow review team members a couple of weeks in advance to discuss the review)
  • Review the paperwork submitted – takes a few hours
  • Attend the review – three consecutive days

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Peer Reviews


LondonADASS aims to improve the quality of work done in the sector, particularly with regard to outcomes for local people. The peer review process is key to leading this improvement but it cannot operate in isolation. Linking peer reviews to the wider LondonADASS priorities and structures is therefore of vital importance.

Boroughs can choose one of three themes – Safeguarding, Commissioning and Use of Resources. These methodologies have been developed following pilots in Lewisham, Redbridge and Tower Hamlets.

Indicative Review Schedule (Restricted access)


Tools and resources

Experience (2014)

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