Better Care Fund (BCF) Leads Network

Better Care Fund (BCF) Leads Network

Denise Radley
DASS Lead: Denise Radley

Membership: This network is open to BCF leads from Local Authorities and CCGs

Key Aims for 2020/21

  • Support to respective local systems on policy guidance for BCF in 2020-21 and beyond, within the confines of what is agreed at a national level
  • Development at local level of BCF plans, in line with policy, specifically the four national conditions. And at regional level, offering support on planning and a multi-organisational assurance process.
  • Flexible support in line with the shifting requirements posed by the covid pandemic, though always championing a value-added, partnership approach
  • Aiming for delivery of local BCF ambitions to improve system flow and wrap-around support for individuals, in every setting. To support individuals getting the right care, in the right place, at the right time. At a local level through delivery of BCF and wider system plans, and at regional level, through partner alignment, capturing and disseminating good practice and pan-regional interventions


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