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    Dog food is basically food meant for dogs and other domesticated canines specifically formulated and designed for canine consumption. Dogs are basically considered as omnivorous meaning that they eat anything that can be eaten by other animals. But unlike their canine counterparts, humans too are able to derive nutritional value from plant material. Therefore it is in human’s interest to provide them with adequate diet especially when it comes to dog nutrition. Humans derive nutritional value from all types of plant life.

    So the next question that would be arising in your mind is what actually constitutes "nutritional value"? The only ingredient that you should really worry about while buying dog food would be the meat meal component. If the ingredient content list mentions meat meal as one of the main ingredients, then it is definitely a good choice because the high quality meat meal as one of the primary ingredients would ensure good health to your dog.

    But when it comes to choosing the best dog food available today, it is worth noting that not all brands are created equal. Some brands may use cheaper and less effective ingredients, while others may use expensive and more effective ingredients. You need to choose a brand that makes use of healthy and fresh ingredients. Below are some common but important ingredients used in most of the best quality dry dog food brands:

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    -HAZEL YEAST FREE EGGS. This ingredient is highly recommended for your dog food especially Purina Pro Plan because it serves as a preventive measure against the occurrence of canine diarrhea. This is an added advantage for you since diarrhea is caused by a highly unbalanced diet. A highly unbalanced diet leads to various kinds of diseases and illnesses including diarrhea. Therefore it is always advisable to use hazel yeast free eggs in your dog food.

    -CALI BUTternutrients. Calcium is very important for your dog’s. It helps make their bones stronger and helps them keep a good healthy skin and coat condition. This is one of the most popular ingredients in the Purina Pro Plan large breed and also in other Purina dog food products line. However, most people tend to overlook the role of Calcium in maintaining the health and strength of our dogs’ bones and joints. For this reason it is highly recommended to add this ingredient to your dog food.

    – MANY Dried Dog Foods. In addition to Calcium, another vital nutrient that should be found in every dog food is the meat byproducts. These products are basically the leftovers from the organs of the animals like the liver, kidneys and other body parts. Although the processing of these byproducts is efficient, many dog foods actually still contain meat byproducts.

    There are dog bed in the market that sells high quality dog food, but they all claim that the food that they are selling is the best dog food. The challenge is that even if the label says ‘best dog food’ it does not necessarily mean that it will be the best food for your dog. So what you should really look for in the ingredients is whether they are natural, safe and free from chemicals. You can check this by reading the ingredients list on the back of the pack. If you see the ingredients like fish byproducts, dyes, binders and fillers, then you would not want to buy that particular food.

    One great ingredient that is often found in some of the best dry dog foods is oatmeal. Oatmeal is not only a healthy ingredient, it is also good for your pet’s digestive system. It contains soluble fiber that could help to reduce the formation of stomach ulcers and flatulence. Another ingredient that is commonly found in these products is deboned chicken. Deboned chicken is rich in protein, calcium, and various B vitamins.

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