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    Cosmetology services in the beauty business "The european union" are a entire selection of modern day overseas technologies, programs and equipment that enable you to preserve and reveal organic beauty. So, our studio successfully applies in practice rejuvenating procedures involving exposure to microcurrents. Our list of services also may include traditional cosmetology services. We provide you with an internal approach to your beauty.

    We have are and formed actively establishing the direction of therapy with microcurrents – on earth of cosmetology, these treatments will be the principal part for fixing age group-associated alterations. We have now followed this encounter and place it into process quite successfully.

    Modern cosmetology area of the Europa studio room is often reminiscent of a doctor’s workplace, since most of the cosmetologist’s services demand excellent personal hygiene. All our professionals possess the suitable licenses and diplomas, therefore we can assure substantial-high quality and effective cosmetology.

    Complex and successful programs for pores and skin restoration and care, face revitalisation, transepidermal management of productive substances, treatments for aging processes, along with deeply peels are directed at deeply restoration of skin area cellular material and deep tiers of your epidermis.

    For his or her work, our experts select the most powerful and modern programs and preparations. Each and every process – microcurrents, vacuum restorative massage, pressure treatment method, Day spa-care – is conducted, as they are customary in cosmetology, taking into consideration the patient features of your organism of each guest of your salon.

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