BCF Leads Network – June 2017 [D2A Surgery]

BCF Leads Network – June 2017 [D2A Surgery]

Date(s) - 28/06/2017
9:30 am - 11:30 am

Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre


• To support an improved understanding of existing good practice and barriers to further D2A implementation in London
• To find out how areas are measuring D2A implementation and effectiveness and support discussions to identify whether a suggested common set of metrics would be helpful
• To identify opportunities for bespoke support to systems in implementation of D2A
• To work with ECIP, NHSE, LondonADASS and others to mobilise support for D2A implementation
• To gather existing materials and create new materials in order to be able to provide a set of practical resources for systems to use to implement D2A
• To feed back to the relevant networks and to the Care Closer to Home programme

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