DToC sign-off and upload process summary

• Trusts submit the data 18 working days after month end. This gives plenty of time to agree delays with LAs
• LAs can view their own data as it is submitted in the SEFT system. Many are set up on this now, but please check that you are also. You can see login info and guidance here: https://digital.nhs.uk/services/transfer-data-securely/secure-electronic-file-transfer-seft-users-quick-help-guide
• There is then a validation window of another week where they follow up any issues or LAs to query figures with their providers, so again more time to agree delays
• The collection is closed around a week before publication. After that they will not accept any changes before publication
• Any corrections after this need to be done via the 6 monthly revisions process – this should be done by exception and not the norm. They will question the reasons for any changes and will refuse them if they don’t agree with the reasoning given

The 6 month revision process:
o The submitter gets in touch with england.nhsdata@nhs.net and states that they wish to amend published data
o They ask the submitter to fill out a form (one form per month that they wish to amend) and return via email
o They keep these requests on file for consideration.
o Twice a year they process these revisions and publish the amended data alongside the usual monthly publication. They usually process revisions in May and September each year.

Due to the move to SDCS, they have not been able to publish revisions in September as per the usual schedule. Therefore, they will be publishing a one-off set of revisions in the coming months in order to keep on track with the revision requests. They are not certain of the next revision date, but are hoping to publish revisions in December this year.

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