Weekly DToC Reporting

In light of the Government’s report on 19th March 2020, weekly DToC reporting to LondonADASS has been suspended:

11. Reporting and performance management

11.1 Current performance standards on DTOC monthly reported delays will be suspended from Thursday 19 March 2020.

11.2 Trusts should continue to report DTOC figures through the usual process, but will not be performance managed on them during the period of the incident.

11.3 Providers of community rehabilitation beds must start reporting DTOC figures on a daily basis to NHS Digital from Monday 23rd March 2020.

11.4 NHS providers will be required to report the following during the Incident:

  • Bed occupancy in hospitals – via daily sitrep
  • Number of patients on daily discharge list
  • Number and percentage of patients successfully discharged from discharge list
  • Bed availability in community settings, via the Capacity Tracker Tool

11.5 Clinical Commissioning Groups will be required to submit the monthly financial spend to NHS England for reimbursement.


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