My Health London widget guidance

My Health London widget guidance

MHL – Search Services User Guide for web managers

This guide (click here to download) outlines how to install the my health london Search Services ‘Widget’ on your website – giving your visitors access to a service finder which searches local health services.
The search result is then presented on my health london

This uses data regularly updated on a live basis by the NHS Directory of Services team, ensuring that you have access to the most up-to-date service information in the capital (as used by the NHS 111 service and the London Ambulance Service).

What to do

Send the following information to

  1. The URL of the site in which you wish to deploy the service finder i.e.
  2. The Hex codes of the following configurable elements:
    a. Border colour
    b. Display name and display name colour
    c. Header colour
    d. Submit button colour
    e. Panel colour
    f. Background colour
  3. The heading text – up to 100 characters

You will then receive the embed code back via email.

Example code

<iframe frameborder=”0″ height=”464″ width=”300″ src=””></iframe>

Add widget to your site

Select the most suitable page (e.g. Home page or service finder) and paste in the iframe code into the html. Save and publish your page. You should now see the widget and a search for a health service should return a provider within London. The search radius is based on your API details.

Note that the widget is responsive and will resize/shape according to the size of the iframe you create. It has a minimum width of 300px. Depending on the number of services and configuration the widget may display a drop-down list or radio buttons in place of icons.

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