DToC Roadshow (August 2017)

DToC Roadshow (August 2017)

LondonADASS hosted the regular DTOC road show event on the 01 August 2017. The session was very well attended with representatives from every A&E delivery board in London – and from health (about 40%) and social care (60%). There was strong representation ADs. The morning focused on good practice and the audience was particularly engaged with the Bexley Discharge to Assess model asking a number of detailed questions about how it worked.

The other key theme that emerged was around data and how we grow the capacity at a local level to interrogate data to drive improvement. The aim should be to ensure that there is sustainable capacity building at a local level – eg data skills just as much as there are efforts to give or show people data.  We are liaising with the Vanguards and will run a data drop in session proposed for the 20th September.

Anne Rainsberry then presented on the context and shared ambition afollowing by Anne Bowers who spoke about the collaborative more broadly. The afternoon was a chance for systems to work together to self assess against the 8 High Impact Changes and then to develop actions.

The next event is scheduled for Oct 17. Links to the presentations and resources are available here 

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