Building Resilience training

Building Resilience training

London event: Monday 21st January 2019, Mary Ward House

NHS continuing healthcare is a contentious area which brings issues around building resilience and self-care for Continuing Health Care Staff to the forefront of our daily working life.

Within our roles, we have to manage service users who pose the greatest challenge. Workplace conflict often causes employees to experience stress, which can become destructive when we do not have the necessary conflict management skills.

This training course will equip NHS and Social Care staff working within CHC to deal with challenging patients, families and situations. Delegates will discover a range of skills and techniques to manage pressure and stress to increase self-care and to handle challenging conversations at work.

The sessions will look at what pushes our buttons and how to manage this while taking a look at our existing resilience and resourcefulness. Delegates will explore tools/advice for managing and sustaining optimum levels of pressure, including identifying any ‘red flags’ in you and your colleagues.

Determining helpful and healthy resolution strategies when in difficult circumstances will ensure that you will contribute to a positive outcome and enhance people’s perception of you as a person in control. Being in a situation where conflict of a personal or business nature arises can be an uncomfortable experience for most. Having the knowledge and tools to feel able to control yourself and the situation can reduce stress and improve outcomes.

Who should attend?
The course is designed for staff working within CHC who deal directly with complaints, and front line staff working within CHC who deal with conflict and wish to gain additional skills in conflict management.

How to apply:

  • Please email to reserve your place on the event.
  • Please quote full name, email address, job title and CCG / CSU / Social Care area and mark the email ‘Complaints and Conflict Management Cohort 1 training’ in the subject bar.
  • Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

A list of all events is available here.

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