Community Safety Investment Fund Project

Community Safety Investment Fund Project

Community Safety Investment Fund Project

London Fire Brigade has secured £1 million in its 2016/17 budget to further protect London’s most vulnerable residents within their homes, whether that is in a care home, specialised housing scheme or general needs accommodation.

The Community Safety Investment Fund is a wonderful opportunity for social housing providers, local authorities, charitable organisations, care providers or other relevant stakeholders to receive funding for fire safety systems or equipment, such as:

  • sprinklers and water mist systems
  • personal protection suppression systems
  • telecare monitored systems
  • interlinked fire alarms
  • fire retardant products
  • other fire safety equipment/ measures

Single or multiple bids can be made to the Community Safety Investment Fund Bids.  For larger projects such as the retrospective fitting of a fire suppression system within a whole building,  the project board will look favourably upon bids that have match funding , and showcase innovation or initiatives designed to encourage further safety investment in the wider community.  Buildings will need to have adequate fire safety measures already in place and may be subject to inspection prior to the release of funds.

How to apply?

  1. Firstly, applicants will need to identify their most vulnerable residents within the Greater London area who are at potential risk from fire.  These residents are likely to be elderly and may live alone, have mental health or mobility issues and/ or suffer from drug or alcohol addiction and/ or have sensory impairment;
  2. Applicants will then need to evaluate how best this risk can be reduced and price their proposal as the Brigade is unable to offer procurement services;
  3. The Bid application form within the Community Safety Investment Fund pamphlet (attached) will need to be completed and submitted by 30/11/16;

Please note that confirmation of maintenance contracts, where relevant, will need to be confirmed as part of the application process to ensure legacy arrangements are in place and impact will be sustained.

The Community Safety Investment Fund needs to be allocated by 31/03/17 so we only have a short period of time to make this project work.  Your local Borough Commander and the Business Support Group will be able to offer advice and support until the closing date of submission on 30/11/16.  Whilst smaller bids under £10,000 can be agreed on a first come, first serve basis, larger bids will receive board appraisal in December 2016.  The final list and allocation of funds is expected to be completed by the end of January 2017 so make this opportunity work!

Links to the CSIF information pack (reference only) and the Community Safety Investment Fund – Bid Application Form.

Borough Commander details can be found at

Michelle Brown of the Business Support Group can be contacted on


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