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Our Offices

59½ Southwark Street, London SE1 0AL

Our Team

Tristan Brice
Programme Manager

020 7934 9550



Jackie Collins
Transforming Care Project Lead

020 7934 9913



Jane Simmons
Practitioner Development Lead





Aileen Buckton
Apprenticeships Lead





Programme Support Officer (currently vacant)



This is provided by the LondonADASS Advisory Board. The Advisory Board reports to the LondonADASS Branch.


The website is built using WordPress, with technical support by 93digital.co.uk. The aims of the website are:

  1. To explain the role of LondonADASS
  2. To provide details of each LondonADASS workstream
  3. To provide resources for professionals whose jobs are related to the LondonADASS workstreams, including news, articles, presentations and links to the corresponding national ADASS policy network
  4. To enable network members and project contributors to access documents securely
  5. To promote events held by LondonADASS and partner organisations, and to support the efficient administration of these events
  6. To redirect members of the public to websites where they can access Adult Social Services in their London locality.

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